maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2021

Decor post: Living room

Today I decided to start spring cleaning and because it was such a beautiful day and sunshine is making everything look so bright, I wanted to also take some pictures for you. I promised decorating pictures over a year ago, so it is about time... So, I live in a house that is 100 year old, little apartment that has my living room/work space/bedroom and separated kitchen. Today I thought I could clean up my living room and it feels so cozy at the moment. I have lived in a chaos almost the whole year and there hasn´t been this clean I think.. never. 

I have never been this kind of clean person.. you know, the type who keeps everything in order and clean basically every day. I would like to be though. And I am really having this crush thing about minimalism that has lasted for past year also. I wish I have the energy to sell basically the half of the things I own. I don´t need to so much, I have just too much. Maybe because I am living more smaller space, I have realized how much stuff I actually have and what I really do own.

This chair is a gift from my friend, I have always wanted a peacock chair and now I have one! It is just gorgeous. It still need little bit tlc, but it still looks awesome. I really love to put some pillows to decorate it and I also bought these beautiful fake leafs last year that fits just perfectly.

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