tiistai 9. maaliskuuta 2021

January and February / favorite things to do


What to do when Corona is still alive and kicking? Build a fortress! You can light it up with fake candles and fairy lights, it is pure magic!

Play awesome board games! This one is my favorite at the moment. It is all about Finnish folklore.

Make art! Any kind! I like to paint.

Dress up for no reason, have fun with new styles (or your current one) and take selfies if you like, so you remember how hot you really are. These I took with my phone.. which is dying and it has a camera that totally sucks.

What I have been listening to

Listen some inspiring music! I also made some my own, no current new songs ready though, I need to do something new for you guys to hear! But if you like, here is some old ones.


Make new backround! On your computer and your phone. I like to do these mood boards on my computer, this one reminds me of music I am making at the moment.

Craft something. This was Imbolc inspired craft. I just painted some runes on this old table cloth. I like how it turned out.

Have a nice week everyone, enjoy your life to the fullest!

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