perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

What is my best today's outfit?- outcome

The winner: 
1. Corp goth 15/90
This was a little bit suprise.. but good outfit

2. Pin up goth 14/90
Thanks! XD

3.  Forest goth, Romantic goth, Cyber goth 9/90
I like all of these very much

4. Jeans and stars, Metalhead, Deathrocker 8/90
I think some of you would like to see me a little normal way also?

5. Gothabilly, J-Goth, Loving polkadot 7/90
These was nice outfit's too.. but J-Goth, really?

6. Violet stripes  6/90
This was my first blog today's outfit!

7. Hippy Goth, School outfit 5/90 
And again, you like me normal?

8. Casual home Goth, Happy Valentine's day, Black and Whitehood,Summer Goth 4/90
I was hoping my Valentine's day dress would come better place..

9. Mad about Eve, Striping goth, Trad Goth, Basic Goth 3/90
Why my Trad Goth didn't get better place?

10. Little black dress, Red Velvet 2/90
I know, I know, my little black dress looks much better with my leather jacket xD

11. Engagment outfit, Home outfit 2, Basic red 1/90
And obviously this first dress is much better when I am gothabilly XD, Home outfit is kinda poorly picture so I understand.. But you didn't like my red corset? And I understand why my cottage look didn't get so much votes XD

Did your favorite win?

2 kommenttia:

AC kirjoitti...

Oisin uskonut, että Striping goth, Trad Goth, Basic Goth ja Happy Valentine's day oisivat pärjänneet paljon paremmin :o Tulos oli kyl aika erilainen siis mitä kuvittelin. Mut kyllähän etenki tuo Pin Up on silti niiiin kuuma ;)

Leena kirjoitti...

Anna: Niin mäkin oisin arvellu.. saa nähdä mitä tossa uusimmassa käy :) Ja kiitoksia <3