sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011

Fear Cult

FEAR CULT is the dark music project envisioned and brought to life in the early 90's by long time Goth scene emissary and gifted songwriter Matt Riser. Originally a solo project, FEAR CULT expanded out of the bedroom studio and onto the stage, performing several elaborately conceived, and well received shows in the L.A. club circuit. Soon enough, the band found their way onto several high profile compilation albums such as “Unquiet Grave 2000” and “Songs Of Terror - A Tribute To Edgar Allen Poe” among others for which they received rave reviews. FEAR CULT's music pulsates with heavy electronic programming, throbbing bass lines and cutting-edge guitar effects. Lyrically, Riser explores the darkness of life, the viciousness of love and the glamour of death with the poetic flare of a modern day Poe. FEAR CULT delivers an emotional sound that is truly imaginative and original, never conforming to or imitating others. From official website

Nikki Star <3

Drop dead (2003)

Girls & Boys (2003)


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