torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011

Today's inspiration art

Ray Ceasar

"I was born in London, England on October 26 1958, the youngest of four and much to my parent's surprise, I was born a dog. This unfortunate turn of events was soon accepted within my family and was never again mentioned in the presence of polite company. I was a rambunctious youth as was natural to my breed but showed a fine interest in the arts as I drew pictures incessantly on anything including the walls and floors of every room of our tiny house. After some trouble with intolerant neighbors, my family was convinced to move to Canada and it was not long before the burgeoning town of Toronto became our new home.

Unfortunately the drawing continued to become somewhat atypical and aberrant and it was  impressed upon me that such images might not be suitable for public viewing. In the summer of 69, there was a valiant attempt to stop me from doodling infamous contemptible fascist dictators upside down on my stomach with a ballpoint pen. I was consoled however by the encouragement to continue penciling in faces of flamboyant cowboys such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger and Tonto on my toenails but was expressly forbidden to talk to them at night.

It can be said that there are defining moments in a dogs life that can only be described as pivotal. Mine came when I received a gift of a flesh toned 12 inch plastic movable human doll attired in cheaply made military fatigues called "GI Joseph". I however named him "Stanley Mulver" and immediately resigned his commission from the light infantry. My Mother helped in this by sewing small business suits and leisure wear out of leftover Christmas fabric embroidered with holly and snowmen, tinfoil shoes and one tasteful Safari suit made of tight fitting powder blue rayon that proudly shone cobalt in the summer sunlight. It wasn't long before I had begun making enlarged wigs out of gray plasticine. These wigs soon became huge pompadours for Stanley and looked even more grand when I meticulously imbedded small" 

Words of wisdom


Day trip

Building Eden


Silent Partner

Returns of the day

Sarah Dolby

"Sarah Dolby was born in Wanaka in 1971 and brought up in Dunedin. She currently lives on the Otago coast.
Dolby travelled extensively before returning to New Zealand to complete a Fine Arts degree at Otago Polytech in 2000. In addition to her painting, Dolby is also a creative director at Animation Research studios.

The haunting, romantic women of Dolby's Gothic paintings are often famous literary figures including Ophelia and Mary Shelley, set in a strange, surreal landscape resonant with symbolism. Plants and flowers coil around their limbs and snake across their skirts while religious icons watch from the wall and birds wait like messengers.
Dolby works patiently, building up the graceful lines of thin necks and arms, the folds of garments and the subtle pallor of skin in layers of fine detail. For Dolby, giving time to the paintings allows their emotive qualities to slowly emerge in the midst of their atmospheric palettes, creating works that are as personal and as resonant as diary entries."


Whispered Tale

Sophia's Lament

Ophelia's Choice

Portrait of Mary Shelley


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Upeita teoksia :) Erityisesti pidin tuosta Ray Ceasari Siren teoksesta. Tuollaisen haluaisin seinälle <3

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