torstai 21. marraskuuta 2013

Thor´s day favorite gifs

I love flowers

And Big Bang theory is one of the marathon series I am watching at the moment

I really really want finger tattoos

Do I even need to say anything


Here little kitty kitty

Yes I love smoking my two cigarettes in a month, deal with it.

Chokers are love love love


Kissing in the rain, never gets old.

Anatomic organs oh dear

Bitch please


Butter and fly. What were they thinking when they name butterfly?


I need more candles. I have like 6 left.

And I still need those shoes.

Oh yes

We are just so cool when we are evil aren´t we?

Robert Smith (add heart)




I want to look like her

I hope I would have done that before

It is snowing outside, omg it is winter, attt laaasttt!

I want this so bad it hurts

I have a Wednesday and pastel goth phase going on. I want my pink hair back.. or purple..


2 kommenttia:

Saija Sasetar kirjoitti...

Ihania <3
Big Bang Theory on yks mitä on kans tullu töllättyä useempaan kertaan putkeen..nyt mulla on menossa That 70's Show, kaikki pitkätkin sarjat menee niin hujauksessa. :P

Ihania kisuja, naisia, kenkiä..hihii..ja ylisöpis lepakko! ^^
Mulla olis kans vähän Wednesday-kausi-fiilis-inspis-juttu..haluisin kovin semmosen ihanan classisen gootti-lolitamekon, joka sopis synkälle pienelle tytölle. <3

~ Frillycakes ~

Leena kirjoitti...

Saija Sasetar: Tullu tosiaan sarjaan joku yhtäkkinen ihastus <3