keskiviikko 17. lokakuuta 2012

Halloween decoration ideas: Ghosties

Make spooky silhuettes on windows

But them on top of the delicious cake

On tables

In books

Make a ghostie give away gift!

Add spooky spiderweb

They can hang on your lamp

Or doorside with cool light effect

Candle holders are always more cute with little ghost on a side

Make them walk on a spooky road..towards you of course

They can sing and dance in front of the yard

And be awfully cute on the floor

Make them pop with light in them

And you can make them big too

You can make any kind of styles of ghosties

And ghost desserts

You can make them look very happy

You can even make your fridge look like a ghost

Origami ghost you won't see often

Make different spooky lights

Or ghost dresses

I think I am going to make little ghost soft toys this year

You can put them almost anywhere

Look how they dance!

Only 13 day to Halloween!


4 kommenttia:

La Fèe / Keijupölyä ja Sinfoniaa kirjoitti...

Ihan mielettömän ihania ideoita <3

Meeow kirjoitti...

aaaaaaaaawwww so much great inspirations! Thank you for that <3

Madame Macabre kirjoitti...

Awesome photos! And so cute! :D


Leena kirjoitti...

Lady Satin: Hihii noi on niin sööttejä <3

Meeow: You are welcome, they are so cute aren't they <3

Madame Macabre: Haha they are <3