torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

Halloween decoration ideas: Stairs

Make good first impressions by your porch stairs with some lettering

Or awesome pumking carving (you can't have too much pumpkins you know)

Or different kinds of candle holders

You can even make your pumpkins say something to your guests

Make new and different candle holders on your old bottles by moving the bottom away

Inside you can have mice/rat invasion going on with pumpkins and candles

Or you can make more colorful and bigger stair decorations

Spiders aren't a bad idea either

If you don't have stairs, make your little friends hang around more close to the floor

And make cat hunt them


2 kommenttia:

linnea-maria kirjoitti...

Those stair rats are so lovely :) Thanks for sharing the printouts :)

Leena kirjoitti...

linnea-maria: I am glad to share :)