lauantai 9. huhtikuuta 2011

My favorite..

Miss Chaos on tehnyt omaan blogiinsa tälläisiä suosikki-kuva-kollaasi-tyyppisiä postauksia ja ajattelin tehdä vähän samanlaisen.

Lempisarjani ovat- My favorite series is

The X-files- Monsters, conspiracy, aliens, supernatural..

The Sex and the City- Friendship, trust, relationships.. love.. clothes and shoes, love them

Lempielokuvani- My favorite movies (for example.. I have so many)

Lotr- Middle Earth- Best place in the world!

The Crow- How cool is he?

Howl's moving castle- Ghibli studios makes beautiful movies and with a little steampunk style, it's just perfect

Beauty and the Beast- Ultimate love story with wonderful music.. castle, magic.. what else you need?

Burlesque- What can I say, show me how you burlesque

Repo! The Genetic Opera.. wonderful music with awesome outfits, you must see this
Sleepy Hollow (it doesn´t need any words)
The Addams Family 1-2- I have loved this family my whole life, they are just so weard, I like it!
Underworld 1-3. Next part is coming up on next year! Vampires and wereolfs with gothic kick.

Lempilintuni- Favorite bird

Crows- They are smart and very beautiful birds. In germanic mythology has gods, one of them is Odin, he is the greatest god of them all(also known as Wodan), he has one eye and he knows everything  Odin is the first Aasa, the first son of the god of Burin Börrin. He has two ravens whose names are Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory).
Lempisarjakuvahahmo- Cartoon charecter

Nemi- She has so much attitude.

Lempihyönteiseni- Favorite insect

Dragonfly- These beautiful insects can live even months.. Here in Finland we have 55 different species. People's belief that the dragonfly could sew sleeping with your eyes closed

Lempikonsolipelini - Favorite console game

Legend of zelda in Nintendo 8-bit.. so classic. I've been playing it since childhood. Does anyone else have old Nintendo games?

6 kommenttia:

BrokenCinderella kirjoitti...

Hih,tosi kiva postaus. ^^ :)

Raphael kirjoitti...

Jaan myös rakkauden Liikkuvaan Linnaan ja Kaunottareen ja Hirviöön, niin hienoja elokuvia. :3

Miss Chaos kirjoitti...

Sinäkin sitten teit ^^ Nyt täytyy tulla hypettään kun odotan tuota seuraavaa Underworldia niin mielissäni, kuuluvat lempileffoihini. Enpä olekaan pitkään aikaan kahtonut niitä...

Dial V for Vintage kirjoitti...

I love the X-Files too! :)

nonna kirjoitti...

Ooh, Nemi <3

Leena kirjoitti...

Apprehensive: Kiitokosia :)

Raphael: No elä<3

Miss Chaos: No juu minäkin odotan kieli pitkällä xD!

Dial V: It's so good! I have watched since I was child..

Infected: Khi juu<3 Tulisi jo uusi lehti!