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Bat Fit 2012 First and second challenge

"I know that it's not technically 2012 yet, but I want to start this amazing journey and what a better time than when most of us are overindulging and being challenged emotionally. So, your first challenge, dear readers, is to go out and buy yourself a notebook, journal or sketch book -- anything that you'll write in constantly. If you can't buy something then find an old half used notebook or make a file on your computer. This is going to be your health journal and will be the place where you keep your innermost thoughts, accomplishments and miscellanea associated with Bat Fit 2012.

Once you buy, make or find your journal write your first entries:

1. Write your health goals for 2012. Be brutally honest, candid and realistic about what you want to achieve. Many of you shared this with us on the Facebook page, however it's time for you to write it out in your own handwriting.

2. Once you've done that, your second entry will be for you to explore the meaning of good health. What does it mean to you? How does it relate to your goals? Be absolutely realistic.

In this journal you will keep a record of your progress and daily health activities. This includes your food intake, exercise output, moods, mental state, trips to the doctor, sickness, PMS, etc. Since I'm trying to lose weight and get fit, I am going to record my food intake and will slowly eliminate the "culprits" and habits that are causing my problem. I will also keep track of all of Bat Fit's challenges in my own journal and my own results. We all have our own goals so your journal will look quite a bit different than mine.

However, we should all write this one entry EVERY NIGHT before bed:

3. Write no less than five things that you are grateful for, or that you've accomplished during the day and are proud of, or that you like about yourself. 

Share pictures of your journal on your blogs! Heck, share your first two entries on your blogs, too! Stay tuned, Monday, January 2 will be our second Bat Fit challenge. Will you be ready?

Thanks to Bane: GIY, Goth it Yourself for the journal idea. Bane keeps adecorating/design journal and I thought it would be a great way to keep track of redesigning our bodies, minds, and hearts. :)"

Challenge 2: DANCE YOUR ASS OFF!

Wahoo! That's right, you're challenge is to dance to VNV Nation, XP8, or any other stompy band for no less than 20 minutes EVERY DAY for the next two weeks ... or more. Heck, why not include dancing in your daily exercise? How much fun would that be?!? I want to see all of you dance yourselves silly -- remember NO ONE IS WATCHING so take this opportunity to add some cool moves to your already awesome dancing. SWEAT! Laugh! SWEAT some more!!! And remember, have fun!

This is from: Le Professeur Gothique

Minäpä ajattelin että vau, nyt mä saan lisäpotkua mun uuteen elämäntyyliini! Pointi on siis alkaa terve elämä, terveellinen goottielämä siis! Vihkon olen saanut Ireneltä. Vihkoon kirjotellaan ajatuksia, suunnitelmia ja mitä nyt itse aikoo tässä "haasteessa" tehdä. Toivon mukaan tämä saa mut parempaan kesäkuntoon, koska en aio näyttää pullukalta hääpuvussani! Muutenkin tämä sohvalla ja koneella möllöttämiselleni on tehtävä loppu, koska olen menossa vain ääripäästä toiseen. Joku keskitie on löydettävä, olkoon se terveellisen elämän etsintä. Mä en ole koskaan osannut elää terveellisesti, en oikeasti, joten olkoon tämä myös oman itseni ja uuden elämäni tutkimusmatka.

So I thought: What I great idea and inspiration for my better new lifestyle! So I grab my Victoria Frances notebook (which Irene gave me) and made it my personal inspiration book. I also write my thoughts, exercise and my plans there. I have a diary already so I don't write my every thought and doings there, it is just an inspiration book.


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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

heh huomasin just et en edes ollu sun blogin lukija, virhe korjattu! =) mun uus blogi: jätin ton goottityylin taakse, se alko tuntua enemmän vangitsevalta kuin vapauttavalta =/

Andromeda kirjoitti...

Jei, onnea haasteeseen! :) You can do it <3

linnea-maria kirjoitti...

That are great goals. I think you have a sensible thought of being healthy. Nice to see your handwrited posts in the journal. I wrote my first in swedish so I might change language and post the english versions like you do.
Good luck!

Unknown kirjoitti...

I thought this was a great idea and am so glad to see other girls are doing it! I especially love the 20 min dancing.
Good luck with all your goals this year!

Leena kirjoitti...

Valentina: No tervetuloa uudestaan xD Ja juu huomasin kyllä. Ja omituista, että yhtäkkiä sun tyylisi tuntuikin vangitsevalta =/ Toivottavasti löydät oman tyylisi!

Andromeda: Kiitos ja niin pystyn!

linnea-maria: Thank you! I really have make a lot of thoughts about this. I really want to my life to be better and I really want to healthier. I will take new pictures on my journal and put them here so you can enjoy them more xD! This English thing is quite good exercise for me to learn more and write better. It is already working!

Hexotica: So great! I love that dancing too! I am doing Zumba today hahaa! And good luck to you too!