tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

What is my best today's outfit? Vol 2- outcome

1. 17 votes: Deathrocker
Yeah this my favorite too!

2. 16 votes: Nightwish fan
Very good second place

3. 12 votes: Spiderweb
Who would not like spider webs?

4. 11 votes: Dragonfly
I am little bit surprised on this, but good one too.

5. 10 votes: Dead lolita/The clock
Stripes can't fail on corset. I love my hair on this <3 The clock is very basic, I think you just like my clock <3

6. 9 votes: Limegreen
I need to get this hair color this year!

7. 7 votes: I am blue dapadida/Florine
Thank you so much, I like these too! My blue hair was beautiful <3

8. 6 votes: Gig outfit/Gansta Pranksta/Gothabilly 2
All of these was very nice!

9. 5 votes: Home outfit/Lip Servic
Good place I think

10. 4 votes: Gothabilly/Summer outfit/Gift shirt/Leather jacket
My jacket didn't get anymore votes what? I think I look good on it..

11. 3 votes: Peace
You like me normal again?

12. 2 votes: Corpse bride/Graduation look/Korpiklaani
Well.. apparently I am not very good to make my own clothes.. and whaaat my rolls didn't get anymore votes either?  Grr you!

13. 1 vote: Mabon outfit/In Praha/Sammakkolohikäärme/With Frito/Geisha/Little Christmas 2011/My bag/I want to party
I am so glad that every outfit had even 1 vote!
And I think you don't like me to drink.. but what, only 1 vote to my Macon outfit? That is just strange. You didn´ t like my umbrella?

Did your favorite win?


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