maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011

With living and dead

So I went to Irene (on thursday (blogger says I'm spelling it wrong.. huh?) ) We started with Gin drinks (tasty!). Can I steal those Victoria Frances glasses?

I drank 3 different absinthe. This was very good!

Absinthe tools

Making drinks (love those spoons also)

Almost ready to drink!

I got tremendously inspired by Irene's apartment

Aww the lovely couple<3

Her name is Sipuli (Onion), how cute. (her eyes are brown). She likes to come sleep in my lap.

We both love daggers and stuff..

We listen always a lot of music. This time we listen music like: Emilie Autumn, Sirenia, Apulanta, Offspring, Kaija Koo, 90's pop hits, Phantom of the Opera soundtrack etc...

My absolutely favorite song this week! (and this mix version)

Black absinthe turn lovely violet.. but this one has bad taste xD

We watched also: The Shining, Cat's eye, Ghostbusters 2 and The Simpson Halloween specials. (and something else?) I loved all the movies <3

Saturday was shopping day (I only found new hair colour (white) and  Disney's Aristocats movie) and Praha day. Praha is the best bar in Helsinki. (rock bar) We drank like.. 8-9 hours or something xD? I'm so swollen, arf. And if you want maybe the best pizza in Helsinki, order here.

Next time (maybe later this year) I go back and take more pictures.. this time I was either drunk or having a hung-over.. (me?) so picture taking wasn't first thing on my mind. And maybe it means I had a life for ones this summer? I miss you my soul sister, see you soon.. oh, and I got Lughnasadh presents! Well, let's leave them on next time. (I want back in Helsinki)

Happy sabbath everyone!


4 kommenttia:

Eva kirjoitti...

Oi vitsit pääsispä itekki täs joskus taas maisteleen vähä absinttia ;D viimesestä kerrasta on niiiiiiii pitkä aika et huh huh (8

Batsinthe Belfry kirjoitti...

The weekdays should be written with a capital letter, that's why blogger says it's wrong. :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Mmm absinthe <3!! Looks like lots of fun, I like the aspect of the apartment :D (Can I have those glasses too?)

Leena kirjoitti...

Eva: Absintti on vaan niin boheemia<3

Sysihilkka: Ah, thanks!

Ellone: I take more pictures on my next visit, it's awesome apartment! And absinthe <3_<3