perjantai 5. elokuuta 2011

My favorite blogs part 3

"I am a wife, a jewelry whore, a makeup nerd, a model, a bellydancer and health junkie. I will be sharing my makeup looks, hauls and some products I use but probably won't review many products unless there aren't any reviews for a particular item. I also don't have a lot of time to write tons of stuff every day, so my LOTD posts will be kept simple with pics and what was used to create the look. I love to joke, laugh and have fun. Some would say I'm "goth" but I say I'm a PIB (person in black) with morbid tendencies/interests. I'm very laid back and easy going. I can get along with almost anyone. I strive to see the good in everything, no matter how hard that is at times. I believe that being fit and healthy is the greatest gift one can give to themselves."

Blixin blogi on yksi mun lemppari meikkiblogi. Blix tekee korujaan itse ja myy niitä esim Etsyssä (kato alhaalta linkki). Vaatetyylikin on ihanan steampunkmainen, Blixistä on pakko pitää.
Blix has one of my favorite make up blogs that I know. She even makes her jewelry herself and sells her designs in here. Her style is very steampunk like..  so of course I like it.

Tältä blogilta löytyy viikottain uusi gootti tyttö ja haastattelut. Etsipäs itsellesi uusi suosikki.
Do you like goth models? I do! This is the blog where you can find yourself a new favorite model.

"Kauhua ja kabareeta rakastava meikkaaja-stylisti ja germanisti raottaa blogissaan vaatekaappinsa ovea. Bitte bitte, immer hereinspaziert.."

Jälleen nainen jolla on pettämätön maku vaatteiden suhteen. Taitoa löytyy myös maskeeraukseen, hän on vampyyrin uhri taikka zombi. Vintagea, kauhua.. kaikkea ihanaa pullollaan oleva blogi on saanut minut koukkuun.
And once again, a beautiful woman who has an unfailing taste in clothes. She is a beauty and she has interesting blog. Make up skills for vampire bite marks or maybe you can see her as a zombie? Vintage, horror you name it.


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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I love these blogs too ^^ Although I didn't knew the first one! (time for stalking :D haha)

Leena kirjoitti...

Ellone: Go look and be a stalker xD