sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2011

Alice in Wonderland music

And suddenly you find yourself
Running with the red queen
Through valleys and over hills
And sometimes against the stream
And suddenly you realize
Nothing here is what it seems
You are beyond the looking glass
Like Alice and the red queen

Funker Vogt: Red Queen

Just love this song..


Pure love

"Scepter in hand-all the numbers so deceiving
The small dreaming child who wears the crown
Watches the pieces falling down

Like knights in the game-her next move is so unsure
'Waken the Queen of Nevermore
Hidden behind the royal doors

White on her right, Red on her left
Talking in riddles, on ears fallen deaf

"Stop with all the lies", all the questions so confusing
Answer the riddles they deny, losing hope, the child cries"

Do you believe...all's as twisted as one would perceive?
Seek the answers...and soon you'll believe

3 kommenttia:

Foxie kirjoitti...

Haastoin sinut blogissani! :)

Ravenoir kirjoitti...

Jos tykkäät juurikin tähän Aliceen liittyvästä musiikista (I'm captain Obvious :D) niin suosittelen kuuntelemaan Forever Slaven Alice's Inferno-levyn. Hieman synkempi Alice, vankina omassa mielessään.

Leena kirjoitti...

Foxie: Kiitti, mä teinki sen jo :)

Ravenoaris: Kiitos vinkistä, aion kuunnella :)