maanantai 15. elokuuta 2011

Zombie 108

Hey zombie fans here is trailer from new zombie movie.

The nuclear disaster that Japan suffered accidentally alters the genes of influenza virus. A group of young people got infected and haven't paid any attention to their illness, until one of them surprisingly bites a girl's throat in a drunken night out. Their friends start screaming at the gushing blood.

After a virus event, the government orders a quarantine of the sick and evacuates all residents in the vicinity. But those drunk party people have no idea of this message. Meanwhile the army and the police join hands to form a SWAT team to enter the quarantined zone. However, those survivors suddenly become zombies and attack the living. In no time the whole city is filled with bloodshed. People from all walks, including gangsters, policemen, SWAT members and civilians, are willing to work together to escape, but in fact they have hidden schemes to compete with and even kill each other. The biggest test in a doomsday is the human mind.

Coming in theaters 2012.

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Eileen kirjoitti...

Toivottavasti tulee Suomeen teatterilevitykseen :)

Kiitos vinkistä!

Leena kirjoitti...

Rouge: Toivonmukaan! Olisi hienoa nähdä muitakin kuin ainaisia jenkki- ja brittizombeja xD